These are some frequent ask question about hospitality in India.

Parents Corner

Q.1 Safety: How safe is Vadodara for my child?

.Over a period of time, Vadodara has gained a unique place on the educational, cultural and industrial map of India. Aptly referred to as “Sanskar Nagari”(Cultured City), Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat, a symbol of peace and prosperity. The multicultural and multilingual co-existence makes Vadodara more colorful and an interesting place to study at easy and work at ease.

Q.2 Accommodation: How do I apply for accommodation?

At JSHM, we assist in providing students with safe, clean and affordable accommodation/boarding, very close to the campus, although, the students would spend considerable time on the campus. Kindly refer to our Fee charts for the detailed information.

Q.3 Transportation: Does JSHM provide transport facilities?

Vadodara is a small city with a fine transportation system in order. Being centrally located in the city, the Institute is quite near to all the prime areas of interest in the city. JSHM provides shuttle facility to all the students.

Q.4 Food: What types of meal plans are available to students?

We provide our students are with breakfast & lunch service (Monday to Friday) and two coffee breaks. The student body becomes part of the production as well as the service of the food. Our dedicated fine-dining training restaurant equipped with A la carte and Buffet facilities becomes the venue for students’ meals, for working days. We take great care to provide our students with a healthy and well-balanced diet taking into consideration their adaptability to the same. Nutrition is an important aspect in the meals provided to the students.